IWG Products

Our core competence are high quality electrolytes for metal plating. We are, however, able offer the entire portfolio like tanks, rectifiers, anodes, filter pumps and filter and bathes to open a plating shop.

Bild: decorative-electroplating

Decorative electroplating

Decorative electroplating is used to make products more beautiful looking, or to match a particular design.

Bild: technical-applications

Technical applications

By functional electroplating the properties of a workpiece are changed. So it is possible to reach a better corrosion protection, or abrasion resistance by depositing different layers.

Bild: pretreatment


Before any kind of metal can be deposited on a workpiece the piece has to be cleaned and degreased.

Bild: posttreatment



Passivations protect surfaces from tarnish. For different surfaces different passivations are available.


Solutions to strip or dissolve metal deposits. Some strippers are developed to remove metals from specific base materials.

Bild: accessories


We are able to offer our customers extensive range of high-quality accessories for electroplating. We would be more than happy to provide you with advice in selection of a fitting component, and make sure that you obtain the optimum product for your needs.