IWG Products

Our core competence are high quality electrolytes for metal plating. We are, however, able offer the entire portfolio like tanks, rectifiers, anodes, filter pumps and filter and bathes to open a plating shop.

Technical applications

Reel-to-Reel Plating

Strips from which contacts are made or wires are manufactured by reel-to-reel plating. The used electrolytes mostly contain higher metal concentrations to deposit the desired thicknesses and qualities of layers at short durations and high current densities.

Plating of special metals like for example aluminium and titanium

Some metals need special pretreatment to deposit metals adherent on them. We offer particular products and process sequences.

Electroless Nickelplating

Deposits from electroless nickel bathes are characterised by high abrasion and corrosion resistance. Depending on the area of application we can supply bathes to deposit high, medium and low phosphor containing layers. NiP-Layers can be further optimized by dispersion parts. IWG offers PTFE- or diamond particles to produce composit layers.


Our processes enable due to high quality and special properties the use in various motor sports applications: Construction of engines, gears, chassis parts

Please contact us to develop your special process together with you.