IWG Services

Our Know-How is your Success – We live out this motto!
We offer advice and support to choose a proper system, develop fitting products, maintenance your electrolytes as well as disposal and recovery of used bathes.
Upon request, we examine and test your manufactured products for quality or damage analysis with state-of-the-art instruments and methods. Our highly trained employees are also in field service for bath make up, system check or providing practical assistance at your disposal.

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We are specialistes in reworking of precious metals. Thanks to our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment we execute all orders quickly, exactly and carefully.
We prepare detailed and clear recovery quotations, to make the rework transparent and the refinery costs low.
The customer receives the result of analysis and decides then if the material should be reworked.
In addition to this, we offer customer-specific solutions for settlement as well as buy / sell of the recovered precious metals.

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We offer as a service a periodical examination, analysis of content as well as function test of your electrolytes.
Because of the high level of skill of our employees as well as state-of-the-art measuring instruments we are able to carry out the examinations in a timely manner and therefore to support the production process of our clients.
Furthermore, we investigate for you your produced work pieces and assist if applicable at troubleshooting.

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We are able to investigate partly nondestructive your produced work pieces in our company.

Following measuring instruments are available:

  • ICP and AAS
  • electron microscope with x-ray detector
  • X-ray machine
  • CASS and SO2-test devices
  • Ion chromatography with mass spectroscopy

If necessary and desired our field staff visits your production facility and gives you advice for troubleshooting.

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Plant design

Through our many years of experience and close co-operation with our customers we have gained enormous experience how plants should be optimally designed for the client. Due to our great range of supply we are able to offer everything from one source: Tanks, anodes, filters, rectifiers and electrolytes.

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We take our responsibility towards mankind and the environment seriously, because we want to preserve of our habitat earth for future generations. We use our energy and raw-material resources efficiently and carefully and dispose our wastes state-of-the-art.
Development of environmentally friendlier products is corporate objective.